Robin Shea Quoted On Looks Discrimination

Partner Robin Shea of the Winston-Salem office was recently quoted in Human Resource Executive on looks discrimination.

Ugly People Need Not Apply?

Meanwhile, Robin Shea, a partner with Atlanta-based labor and employment-law firm  Constangy, says getting hiring managers to leave out their biases about appearance when hiring may be the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

"One of the biggest challenges for HR management is to persuade the hiring managers to avoid appearance discrimination," she says. "It may be helpful for HR to review the law in this area, and this should be mandatory in jurisdictions that outlaw appearance discrimination. In addition, the HR professional involved in the hiring process should ensure that the selection was made for legitimate business reasons that can be justified."

This review, says Shea, which should be done before an offer is made, should help to catch decisions that may have been based on inappropriate "appearance" as well as other criteria, and allow for the decision to be revisited and reversed before it is too late.  

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