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September 16, 2013

Wendy Angel
PR and Marketing Manager
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ATLANTA – National labor and employment law firm Constangy has introduced a mobile app for iPhone and iPad, providing a comprehensive, entertaining resource for human resources professionals, in-house counsel and members of the media, among others.

The app goes beyond offering bios, newsletters and firm information, additionally providing quick guides and checklists on workplace topics such as Affordable Care Act, FMLA, FLSA, unfair labor practices, OSHA inspections and HIPAA compliance. The app’s hands-on resources are rounded out with wage and hour calculators, a glossary of employment law and general legal terms, an outside links section and workers’ compensation calculators. For taking a quick break while waiting in line or at the airport, there’s even a game.

U.S. consumers spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on mobile devices, with 80% of that time inside apps, according to app analytics provider Flurry. The Law Firm Mobile blog reported earlier this year that only 22 firms in the AmLaw 200 have mobile apps.

“By next year, there will be more mobile devices on the planet than people,” says Neil Wasser, chairman of Constangy’s executive committee, referencing a study by Cisco Systems. “Clearly, the mobile world is an incredibly important space, including for our clients, and having a mobile strategy is more essential than ever for both law firms and the business community at large. We wanted to be a part of this, but only if we felt we could provide value with an app, and we really feel we’ve accomplished that here. We’re not just regurgitating our website – anyone can do that with just a mobile version of a website. Instead, we have developed a useful, living piece of technology that can be referenced again and again without becoming stale, as we plan to add more resources over time.”

In addition to the resources section, another add-on feature that differentiates the app from the Constangy website is the Work Snips section, which gives short, entertaining takes on the latest workplace headlines from outside news sources. Posted often, the Work Snips offer another outlet for Constangy to entertain in the app while providing information.

“Gone are the days where law firms can hide behind staid corporate images and still expect to retain and attract clients,” says Wasser. “We live in a world where we are bombarded and overwhelmed with news constantly, and the employment law arena is no exception. We’re here to say that, yes, employment law insights can be fresh, fun and entertaining – if you look in the right sources. Anyone who has read our Employment & Labor Insider blog knows that. We’ve always been known as a down-to-earth firm, and this app is another extension of that.”

Constangy’s app employs social and mobile features by making content shareable, offering location-based directions to its offices and nearby hotels and restaurants, and using tap-to-call and tap-to-email functions. Attorney bios also offer direct connections to attorney LinkedIn profiles as well as attorneys’ Twitter feeds for those who have them. App users can add Constangy attorneys directly to their iPhone contacts through attorney bio screens as well.

While the initial app rollout includes versions for iPhone and iPad, Constangy has plans to release an Android version in 2014 for that growing market. To download the app, visit the App Store and search for “Constangy,” or follow this link to directly connect to the Constangy app’s download page.

About the Constangy Mobile App’s Features

·                    Includesscrollable headlines on the home screen to quickly provide the latest from client bulletins and blog posts.

·                    Select content is shareable via social media.

·                    TheChecklists and Guides section provides a variety of checklists and short guides on a variety of workplace subjects, including:

                        - FLSA Exemption Test

                        - FMLA

                        - HIPAA Compliance

                        - OSHA Inspections

                        - Affirmative Action

                        - Benefits and Affordable Care Act

                        - Federal Record Keeping

                        - Unfair Labor Practices

·                    The Wage and Hour Calculators provide a way to compute overtime premiums due on certain bonuses to non-exempt hourly employees, as well as overtime premiums due on salaries for non-exempt employees paid under the fluctuating workweek method.

·                    The glossary (Employment Law in 25 Words or Less) quickly provides definitions of employment law and general legal terms and will be continually updated with additional terms.

·                    The News section provides the latest in employment law news, including newsletters, blog posts and posted events such as seminars, webinars and workshops that you can sign up for right from the app. This content is shareable within the app via social media – such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook - or can be sent via e-mail.

·                    The Work Snips section provides a snarky take on workplace topics from outside news sources with a short, Twitter-esque format.

·                    The People & Places section allows app users to quickly find Constangy attorneys and offices, along with short bio and office information, with one tap to call or e-mail. Users can connect with Constangy attorneys on LinkedIn as well as to their Twitter feeds for those who have them. App users can also get directions to our offices based on their current location, and to some recommended area restaurants and hotels too.

·                    The workers’ compensation calculators calculate “leave time” – based on start date and either the number of weeks or the end date – as well as life expectancy and present value of payments.

·                    The Helpful Links section houses a list of some often-used links for in-house employment law counsel and human resources professionals, such as SHRM, federal agencies such as DOL and NLRB, judiciary sites, and legal and HR news sites.

·                    The game -  what’s a lot of serious business without a little fun? We hope app users enjoy playing “Constangy Take Five” while waiting in line at the airport or just when needing a moment to relax after a hard day. The icons within the game visually depict some of the industries that Constangy represents: retail, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, construction, hospitality and healthcare.

About Constangy:
Constangy has counseled employers on labor and employment law matters, exclusively, since 1946. A “Go To” Law Firm in Corporate Counsel and Fortune Magazine, it represents Fortune 500 corporations and small companies across the country.  Its attorneys are consistently rated as top lawyers in their practice areas by sources such as Chambers USA, Martindale-Hubbell, and Top One Hundred Labor Attorneys in the United States, and the firm is top-ranked by the U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers Best Law Firms survey.  More than 140 lawyers partner with clients to provide cost-effective legal services and sound preventive advice to enhance the employer-employee relationship.  Offices are located in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. For more information, visit

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