Introducing Constangy's DEI audit services

When was the last time you assessed the depth and effectiveness of your DEI efforts? 

At Constangy, we understand how important implementation and achievement of your Diversity Equity & Inclusion program is, and we are pleased to announce Constangy’s DEI Audit Services. 

Are your organization’s DEI efforts effective? Our firm’s DEI Audit Services assist employers with assessing whether their efforts are constructed to cultivate true DEI within their organizations. These tools are exceptionally comprehensive from start to finish. Important audit segments cover the breadth of the employer-employee relationship -- from pre-employment postings and policies to post-hire practices and employee engagement. Whether it is employee performance reviews or workplace culture, Constangy’s DEI Audit tools will help you dissect and assess your internal DEI efforts and practices . . . and Constangy lawyers can work hand-in-hand with your organization to plan and implement any needed changes. 

Is your organization in compliance? The DEI Audit tools are designed to measure an organization’s compliance with various laws and regulations that affect DEI, as well as the voluntary actions that employers can adopt to help “move the needle” when it comes to achieving a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. 

Constangy’s DEI Audit Services are unique. Our firm’s DEI Audit Services are different from what you might find elsewhere. These tools were prepared by employment lawyers with an eye for what matters from a variety of perspectives – technical compliance, EEO and harassment issues, trends in litigation and at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, DEI best practices, and organizational barriers. We understand that DEI involves more than just responding to the latest fad or newsworthy event, and our audit tools incorporate this intersection between employment law and DEI.   

Constangy offers a three-tiered service approach, depending on your needs: 

  • DEI Implement 
  • DEI Self-Assessment Indicator 
  • DEI Evaluation & Strategic Action Plan 

Our DEI Implement details specific DEI initiatives and programs that can be executed throughout the employment process and employee lifecycle. The DEI Implement contains sections on pre-employment policies and practices, post-offer procedures, terms and conditions of employment, employee engagement and culture, and a separate section for federal contractors. Each section lists numerous suggested DEI and compliance topics. Organizations can check off the areas already satisfied and circle other topics or ideas for further review and development. In addition to the thorough, eight-page DEI Implement, this tier includes an optional thirty-minute conference with one of our experienced DEI attorneys to address questions about your DEI practices.

Constangy’s DEI Self-Assessment Indicator incorporates the same sections included in the DEI Implement, but also provides an extensive and detailed questionnaire to be completed by the organization. Responses are automatically scored, and users can monitor and evaluate their own DEI progress and achievements, while also using the questionnaire to learn about and develop additional DEI initiatives. Given the breadth and scope of the questionnaire, we estimate that most organizations will need two to four weeks to complete it. 

The most comprehensive tier of Constangy’s DEI Audit Services is DEI Evaluation & Strategic Plan. This tier includes the detailed questionnaire described above, but in lieu of the self-assessment, a Constangy attorney well-versed in the DEI area will review and evaluate your organization’s responses and information and provide detailed feedback and recommendations. The Evaluation will include an assessment of each area of inquiry, noting any fields where efforts are not likely to result in meaningful change and whether potential issues of legal non-compliance are identified. Constangy will also provide assistance with policy preparation, where necessary, and development of a Strategic Action Plan to help achieve DEI opportunities identified in the Evaluation. To the fullest extent possible, responses that are gathered in the process and the Evaluation have the protection of the attorney-client privilege. 

For more information about our different tiers and services, please visit our websiteor contact Cara Crotty, a member of the DEI practice group, or the Constangy attorney of your choice. 

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