VETS-4212 report deadline approaching

Reminder: Don’t forget to file VETS-4212 Reports.

Organizations with a government contract or subcontract worth $150,000 or more are required to file the VETS-4212 Report by September 30 of each year. The reporting threshold is based only on this monetary figure; there is no minimum number of employees.

Covered contractors must report, for each hiring location, the following information:

  • Number of employees by EEO-1 category.
  • Number of protected veterans by EEO-1 category.
  • Number of hires during the past 12 months.
  • Number of protected veterans hired during the past twelve months.

Employers with more than one hiring location must file a VETS-4212 Report for the headquarters establishment and for each hiring location. If an employer has hiring locations with fewer than 50 employees, it may file either a separate report for each location or state consolidated reports that cover all the hiring locations within one state with fewer than 50 employees.

Although VETS-4212 Reports can still be submitted by mail, the government is encouraging contractors to submit reports electronically, noting that “[p]rocessing of mailed VETS-4212 Reports may be delayed due to COVID-19-related social distancing measures.”

For questions about the VETS-4212 reporting requirements, visit the Veterans’ Employment & Training Service’s FAQs, or contact a member of Constangy’s Affirmative Action/OFCCP Compliance Practice Group

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