Why Work-Life Balance?

“Welcome to Dogbert’s seminar on work-life balance. First, review this list of your priorities: family, job, exercise, vacation, must-dos, medical, eating, hygiene, sleep, romance, holidays. You have time for three things. Work and holidays are two. You get to pick the third.”

While intended as humorous, this excerpt from a Dilbert cartoon relates how workers may think when they feel overextended by work obligations, leaving no time for personal and leisure activities that are important for employees’ overall health and well-being. Work-life balance issues aren’t just important for employees, though; they can affect employers as well. A 2008 study by Hudson Highland Group Inc of more than 1,500 U.S. workers reported that nearly a third considered work-life balance and flexibility to be the most important factor in considering job offers. In addition, The U.S. President’s Study of American Work-Life Balance (March 2010) states that work-life balance programs “can reduce turnover and improve recruitment, increasing the productivity of an employer’s workforce.  These practices are also associated with improved employee health and decreased absenteeism, a major cost for employers.”

To combat these issues, Constangy strives to cultivate an environment that helps employees achieve work-life balance.  Although the legal industry in particular has suffered from a reputation of poor work-life balance, this issue extends to many different industries and environments across the United States. 

So we may recognize companies that create and promote work environments conducive to work-life balance, Constangy established an award program in 2006 that recognizes outstanding work-life balance initiatives or programs either company-wide or inside corporate legal departments. Previously consisting of two separate awards, our program now recognizes achievements through its Excellence in Work-Life Balance Award.

If you would like to nominate your (or another) company that has implemented work-life balance into its culture, programs and initiatives, please check for applications for Constangy's Annual Excellence in Work-Life Balance Award.

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