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Welcome to the Constangy Cyber Advisor! Our 44-member cybersecurity and data privacy team is excited to announce we have joined the nationally renowned labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP! As part of this move, the Constangy Cyber Team will regularly post blogs to the Constangy Cyber Advisor about significant data privacy and information security issues. Our blog posts will be informed by the thousands of data breaches we have managed, the dozens of new data breaches we manage each week, the robust compliance advisory services we provide to our clients, and the complex data privacy and security litigation on which we consult with our class action litigators. 

The Constangy Cyber Advisor posts regular updates on legislative developments, data privacy, and information security trends. Our blog posts are informed through the Constangy Cyber Team's experience managing thousands of data breaches, providing robust compliance advisory services, and consultation on complex data privacy and security litigation. 


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Here we grow again! Constangy is pleased to welcome 32 experienced attorneys in a significant expansion of the firm’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice. The attorneys who will be joining the Constangy Cyber Team are located across 17 cities in 12 states, and are driving the opening of new offices for Constangy in Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C. To learn more about the Constangy Cyber Team, click here.