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Will Gruden fight on?

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This week, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed a lower court holding that Jon Gruden, former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, did not have to arbitrate his claims against the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Mr. Gruden, whose claims relate to his forced resignation in October 2021, now faces the prospect of an arbitration process that may – or may not – be controlled by Commissioner Goodell.

Parents of ball player will get their day in court.

These six will get the EEOC's attention in 2024-28.

Where does the case go from here?

Here is the arbitration language at issue in the Flores litigation.

Will a federal judge in New York reach a different conclusion?

Did the NFL drop the ball with Jon Gruden?

NFL says it will appeal.

Illinois ended the old year and started the new with a bang.

Building on last year's Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems.

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