Plaintiffs from Mars...and Venus. A court in New York threw out a lawsuit in which the plaintiff claimed that he was discriminated against, in part, because he was Jewish. The allegedly anti-Semitic employer was Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Duh. The Fifth Circuit (Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas) held that evidence of sexual advances to members of one's own gender is credible proof of homosexuality.

The ADA's good name is restored! The First Circuit (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico) affirmed dismissal of a lawsuit filed by an alcoholic who was terminated while he was in jail for drunk driving.

They hate me 'cuz...'cuz I'm a guy! Yeh, that's the ticket! The Seventh Circuit (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin) affirmed judgment against a teacher whose contract was terminated. The teacher claimed he was terminated because he had filed a reverse-sex discrimination charge against the school system, but the evidence showed that he was chronically tardy, failed to attend faculty meetings, failed to produce lesson plans, and had disciplinary and academic problems.

Illegal wiretapping!! The man on the flying trapeze!! Adultery!! Bearded ladies!! The D.C. Circuit overturned a verdict for an employee of the company that owns the Barnum & Bailey/Ringling Brothers Circus. The employee alleged that her boss-with whom she was having an affair-had illegally wiretapped her home and work phones. The verdict was overturned on the disappointingly mundane ground that her lawsuit had not been filed within the two-year statute of limitations.

Bad poets society, Part I: He can rhyme, but he ain't got no rhythm. Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices publicly object to the dubiously poetic opinions of their colleague, Justice J. Michael Eakin. Here's a sample: "Given his accomplishment and given her youth/Was it unjustifiable for her to think he told the truth?" (This guy is awesome!)

Love of tofu is not a religion. The California Court of Appeals held that veganism is not a "religious creed" within the meaning of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. The plaintiff was denied a job with a pharmaceutical company after he refused to be inoculated with a vaccine grown in chicken embryos.


Bad poets society, Part II: Gangsta arbitrayta upheld. A court in Illinois upheld the reinstatement of an amateur rapper who left obscene, anti-woman, and violent rap lyrics at work where his co-workers found them-even though the would-be P. Diddy had already been warned three times and even though the lyrics clearly violated the company's policies against harassment.

Employer must pay "retention bonus" to employee who stays home. An employer offered a retention bonus to employees who stayed with the company while a takeover was in process. One employee "stayed" but was out on FMLA leave for 12 weeks during the relevant period. The court, also in Illinois, found that the employer violated the FMLA by reducing her retention bonus for the time that she wasn't at work.

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