Federal OSHA has just announced its Site-Specific Targeting (SST) Plan for 2007.  Establishments will be placed on OSHA Area Office SST Inspection Lists based on the DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transfer) or DAFWII (Days Away from Work Injury and Illness) rates from calendar year 2005

All workplaces with a DART rate at or above 11.0 or a DAFWII rate at or above 9.0 will be placed on a Primary Inspection List.  It is anticipated that all establishments on an Area Office’s Primary Inspection List will be inspected unless a comprehensive safety inspection was conducted at an establishment within twenty-four (24) months of the creation of the 2007 SST inspection cycle.  The date when an establishment received a comprehensive safety inspection is measured from the opening conference date of that inspection.  OSHA defines “comprehensive” as “a substantially complete inspection of the potentially high hazard areas of the establishment.”

The Secondary Inspection Lists are comprised of establishments with DART rates between 7.0 and less than 11.0, or a DAFWII rate between 4.0 and less than 9.0.

As was the case in past years’ SST plans, the highest 50 percent rated Nursing and Personal Care Facilities (SIC Code 805) will be included on the Primary Lists.

The 2007 SST Plan does not include construction work sites.

The 2007 SST Plan is a 46-page document that can be accessed at:


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