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President George W. Bush has signed legislation that will phase in a higher federal minimum wage. Many state legislatures have already increased their minimum wages to more than the federal minimum, which is currently $5.15 an hour and had not been increased since 1997.

Effective July 24, 2007, the federal minimum wage will increase to $5.85 an hour. A year from that date, the minimum will increase to $6.55 an hour. The final increase, to take effect July 24, 2009, will raise the federal minimum to $7.25 an hour.

If your employees are in a state with a higher minimum wage than the effective federal minimum, you should continue paying the minimum wage in accordance with applicable state law. Employers in the hotel and restaurant industries who have tipped employees should ensure that their employees receive enough in tips to ensure satisfaction with both the federal and applicable state tip credit requirements. It should also be noted that a number of states now require a higher cash minimum wage for tipped employees than the $2.13 per hour required under the federal law.

The "Fair Minimum Wage and Tax Relief" law was part of a spending bill that authorized more funds for the war in Iraq. The bill also extended federal minimum-wage protection to American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and provided tax relief to small businesses.

If you have any questions about the applicability of federal or state minimum wage laws to your company, please contact any member of Constangy's wage and hour practice group, or the Constangy attorney of your choice.

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