Salary & Benefits Information

Firm Benefits

Constangy offers its associates a wide array of benefits, including the following:

  • Bonus for meeting/exceeding billable hour goals
  • Health, dental, and vision plans for the associate and his/her dependents (subject to cost sharing)
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • Malpractice insurance coverage
  • Bar membership fees
  • Bar dues
  • 401(k) and profit sharing plans
  • Dependent Care Assistance Plan (allows an employee to pay for employment-related expenses for dependent care with pre-tax dollars)
  • CLE reimbursement for required local courses
  • CLE bonus for meeting certain billable hour goals
  • Parking adjacent to office building
  • Subsidized health club memberships
  • Signing bonuses in certain circumstances for new associates

These benefits are subject to change.

Salary Information

Constangy offers competitive salaries. Because the firm operates offices in a number of cities, starting salaries may differ based on variances in the markets in which we have offices. Furthermore, an associate’s starting salary often depends on clerkship experience and/or previous work experience, if coming to the firm as a lateral transfer. Please contact the recruiting contact(s) for the cities in which you are interested for more detailed information.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Constangy believes that well-rounded individuals make better attorneys who provide better service to clients. Unlike most law firms, biographical sketches presented publicly on our firm website note attorneys’ personal interests and activities outside the law firm. We encourage attorneys to be active in their communities while we strive to provide a family-friendly workplace. Based on the needs of each office, the firm’s associates and members may have the opportunity for flex-time status that permits them to work less than a full-time schedule due to family or extraordinary personal reasons. The firm recognizes the external factors affecting its attorneys such as changes in the family structure, single parent families, dual-career couples, and other community pressures. The firm’s policy providing for flex-time work arrangements enables talented attorneys to more effectively manage their personal and professional lives.

Flexible work arrangements provide attorneys who are seeking work patterns, which integrate work and family roles more fully, with an opportunity to advance their careers with the firm. An associate working under flexible time status will have his or her budgeted billable hours reduced in a corresponding percentage; will have the non-billable matters such as participation in business development, bar activities and other non-billable matters reduced correspondingly; and will be eligible for a prorated amount of salary and the annual productivity bonus available to associates.

Leave Policies

The firm’s leave policies are structured with the focus on increasing recognition and nurturing a culture that is devoted to the value of diversity and empowerment as essential elements of the firm’s success. Constangy’s leave policies provide a balanced approach that ensures both the provision of quality service to our clients and the firm’s commitment to diversity in a manner that benefits both the attorneys and the firm’s environment. Among the many benefits that Constangy provides to associates are given time off benefits and a variety of other paid bereavement leaves.

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