8 Reasons Why Constangy

1.    Employment litigation is one of the few areas where an employer’s motivation is on trial.  In cases involving issues such as race discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful discharge, juries are looking at an employer’s intent or state of mind.  Constangy attorneys help employers realize that, as a practical matter, the burden is on them to show that their motives were pure.

2.    Constangy attorneys realize the Catch 22 that labor and employment laws can create for employers when they require companies to take actions that appear to favor one group over another. For example, the laws on religious and disability-based accommodations sometimes require that the employer treat certain employees more favorably than others.  Yet other labor and employment laws prohibit "unequal" treatment of employees. Constangy attorneys can help companies put appropriate policies and procedures in place to follow the laws while minimizing any perception of bias. 

3.    Employment litigation does not happen in a vacuum.  Constangy attorneys understand the impact a settlement with a former worker or an extended employment lawsuit that involves current employees as witnesses can have on the morale of the workplace.  Labor and employment litigation is uniquely capable of bolstering or destroying your work force’s morale, depending on the way it is handled. Constangy attorneys realize that morale can affect a company’s productivity, which in turn can affect the bottom line.  We work with our clients to develop strategies to resolve workplace issues that take into account the effect it will have on the workplace.

4.    Constangy attorneys know that sometimes the problem isn’t over once a problem employee no longer works for the company.  Ex-employees and like-minded co-workers can become vindictive.  They may even conspire to fabricate allegations against the company.  Constangy attorneys work with employers to handle problem employees and help employers put appropriate  hiring procedures in place so those employees never get in the door! 

5.    Employees generally spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else.  For that reason, many employees have a vested interest in making sure they have control over their workplace and working conditions and that their rights are protected.  Constangy attorneys work with employers to create better workplaces for employees, whether through policy development, training, union avoidance, or by responding to administrative charges and lawsuits in such a way as to minimize impact on the workplace.

6.    Almost every juror is, has been, or will be an employee.  Many have had, at some time, the feeling that an employer mistreated them or was unfair to them.  Constangy attorneys realize that jurors view the issue in a labor or employment lawsuit through the filter of their own treatment as an employee.  We understand how to build the employer’s defense to demonstrate, not only  technical legal compliance, but also that the employer treated the plaintiff fairly.   

7.    Today’s workplace is diverse, and so are Constangy’s attorneys.  We represent employers in all areas of industry.  Because of this diversity and experience, we understand that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach for every company.  We pride ourselves on working with companies to develop the strategy that’s best for that company, not anyone else.

8.    Constangy attorneys understand the big picture.  Our legal expertise encompasses all areas of the employment relationship, including union avoidance, employment litigation, benefits, wage and hour, health and safety, and affirmative action.  Constangy works with employers to ensure that their policies and procedures are legally compliant with one another and that no area of the employment relationship is being ignored.

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