Some Advice From Behind the Desk of Successful Constangy Women

As business women, we are always wondering if we’re doing enough to reach our goals and attain our own versions of success.  There are countless articles online providing tips and tools for women to succeed in their careers.  Each lists the author’s personal experiences and some deep analysis about how, if you follow the listed tips, you are surely on the right road. Well, it’s often not that simple.  Since the steps needed to achieve your own success vary greatly depending on personality, geographical location, career field, and so many other important factors, it is helpful to hear from a variety of successful women as to what works for them.

Here’s some great advice from some of the highly successful women at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete.  Hopefully, one or more of these words of wisdom will inspire, motivate, or prompt positive change in your own life.

Develop a Personal Team

Anjanette Cabrera, a partner in Constangy’s New York office, offered the following tip:

“Form a Personal Board of Directors.  These are not necessarily your friends, but people you have connected with over the years that you respect and admire.  They should be diverse in thought and experience and should definitely not only be in your field.”


The idea of developing a “Personal Board of Directors” is innovative and crucial. It’s so important to have a group of people with unique life experiences and perspectives to advise you while making decisions in your career.  Along the way, many important decisions will come up and it’s ideal to have a group of confidants you can rely on to give you real advice and to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Get up and Get Out There

Tamara Jones, an associate in our Dallas office, suggested this:

“Try to give at least two presentations/speeches/articles on a current topic in your field per year.  Do it enough to become comfortable with it and to develop your own style of writing and public speaking.”

tamjones squareBeing seen as a confident master of your field is no small feat but it can go a long way with building your brand.  This ”above and beyond” effort can help establish your expertise and credibility in the field, as well as develop new clients, expand your network, and expand your confidence in your field.  It’s never too early to start getting your name out there and giving people more information about your background and specialties.  The most important thing to remember is to be yourself, be you, be authentic!  Developing your own style and sticking to it will help you stick out in the crowd and draw people in.

Don’t Put Your Personal Life on Hold

So many women struggle with work/life balance and how to have it all.  Tamika Nordstrom, a partner in our Atlanta office, offers the following:

“Live your life in a manner that fulfills you personally. Don’t wait for the next case to be done or the partnership decision to be made before you get married, have a family, etc. Personal satisfaction with your life choices frees you to be brave in your professional choices and motivates you to do everything else you need to do to be successful.”

tamikanordstomsquareEvery one of us struggles with work life balance at some point in our career and many of us ask ourselves the “when is the right time” question as it relates to marriage, children, and other crucial personal life choices.  The best way to decide what’s right is to figure out what works for you personally.  Putting your life on hold as you pursue your career isn’t necessary and may eventually lead to regret or resentment if your career doesn’t pan out the way you were expecting.  Get your personal life on track, find your happy space, and your career will follow suit.

These three tips are just a few of many that can be followed on the road to success. We each have to chart our own path but it’s important to remember to have a strong team around you who will be honest with you and provide you with real feedback, get your name out there with speaking engagements and publications, and don’t put your personal life on hold while building your career!

We’d love to hear more advice from our readers!  Please add to the conversation.


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