Constangy is #1 in Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys

No one really needed to tell the women attorneys at Constangy that they were #1 in the best law firms for female attorneys, but it is nice to get public recognition like we did today in Law360.

Women make up more than 40 percent of law school classes, but comprise only about 35 percent of attorneys in private practice, and only 23 percent of partners. Law360’s 2017 Glass Ceiling Report ranked law firms based on having above average numbers of female attorneys at all levels of the firm - non-partner and partner. If either category was below the national average, the firm was not considered.  At the number 1 spot for each size category of law firm, the firm had at least 49% women attorneys.  Constangy ranked #1 for firms with 150-299 attorneys nationwide.

In recent weeks, Constangy has also been recognized as the #1 firm in diversity for women by the associate survey, and as a top 5 firm for women attorneys by the National Law Journal’s Women’s Scorecard.

Congratulations, Constangy! We like being this kind of pioneer!

Diversity, equity, and inclusion has been the bedrock of our firm since we opened over 75 years ago. As we like to say, it is in our DNA. We believe that to foster diverse leadership and urge diversity of thought, we must do what we can to advance the conversation about diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging in the workplace and the communities in which our workplaces thrive. Through our blog, we share our insights from the perspective of both an employer and employee, regarding emerging issues that affect diverse leaders and workforces. We hope you enjoy our tidbits of legal and practical information, wisdom, and humor. Thanks for joining the conversation!


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