Constangy rated fourth in nation for women lawyers

This calls for a celebration!

I am honored to announce that the National Law Journal has named Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP, as the fourth best firm in the United States for women lawyers.


Rankings are based, not only on the number of women attorneys in the firm, but also the number of women in partnership and leadership positions. This is a real testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Recently, our firm has also received recognition from Law360 for being one of the top 10 law firms for African-American attorneys, the top 25 for women partners, the top 100 for women attorneys, and the top 100 for minority attorneys.

The legal industry tends to be risk-averse, and has lagged behind many other industries in diversity and inclusion. Thanks to all of our attorneys and staff, who make our firm a welcoming place that attracts and keeps the very best talent.

Image Credit: From flickr, Creative Commons license, by Merritt Boyd.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion has been the bedrock of our firm since we opened over 75 years ago. As we like to say, it is in our DNA. We believe that to foster diverse leadership and urge diversity of thought, we must do what we can to advance the conversation about diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging in the workplace and the communities in which our workplaces thrive. Through our blog, we share our insights from the perspective of both an employer and employee, regarding emerging issues that affect diverse leaders and workforces. We hope you enjoy our tidbits of legal and practical information, wisdom, and humor. Thanks for joining the conversation!


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