Kaplan confirmed to NLRB - we now have an "R-D" tie

The U.S. Senate yesterday confirmed Marvin Kaplan's appointment to the National Labor Relations Board, which means that there is now an equal number of Republicans and Democrats on the Board.

William Emanuel, a management-side attorney from Littler Mendelsohn, is the last Trump nominee to the Board. His confirmation vote will not take place until after the Senate's August recess, but he is expected to be confirmed as well. If and when he is confirmed, the Board will have a Republican majority.

In case you need a scorecard, here is the current makeup of the Board: Chairman Philip Miscimarra (R), Mr. Kaplan (R), Lauren McFerrin (D), and Mark Gaston Pearce (D), who was Board Chairman during most of the Obama Administration.

Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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