Employment law app - check it out!

Constangy came out Friday (the 13th! for good luck!) with a new, free iPhone app that is intended for Human Resources professionals and attorneys, and is really nice. (Android version will be coming soon.) If you haven't already downloaded it, you should.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am completely biased. I was a member of the committee that decided what would go into the app, and some of the content has been written by me. The developers were the Adair Creative Group. Most of the concept and design work on this was done by Adair Creative Group with our Chief Marketing Officer, Tori Whitaker, and our Marketing Manager, Wendy Angel.


App 1.jpgKiss our app! (After you download it.)


The app contains everything you would expect from a law firm app: attorney bios, offices and Google maps directions to offices (and also guides to nearby restaurants and hotels), and just about everything that we have on our website. Here are the "bio" pages of my colleagues on our app committee, Heather Owen and Susan Bassford Wilson:

App 4.jpgApp 5.jpg


And in addition to firm information, we have news, an employment law glossary, a variety of legal checklists, a workers' comp calculator (also available on our website), and a little game because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Here is a look at all the goodies we have for you in our "Resources" section:


App 2.jpg

The checklist section is one of my favorites and should be very useful when you need a quick and dirty answer to a legal question. Look at these!


App 3.jpg

(There are a few more that didn't fit at the bottom of the screen -- an OSHA inspection guidelines checklist, an OSHA inspection preparations checklist, and a HIPAA compliance checklist.)

Of course, our app also has links to all of our firm publications, including this blog as well as Employee Benefits Unplugged and Work Matters, the highly regarded blog of Mike Maslanka, head of our Dallas office. Here is a shot of one of Mike's recent posts:


App 9.jpgAnd, even though you see more than enough of me, here is mine from week before last (reviewing the NLRB's app - haha):


App 7.jpg

See? It looks just like the blog, only a little smaller!

Another neat feature on the app that we do not have on our website is the new "Work Snips" feature - touch the link on the home screen, and you'll go to a blurb about an employment-related item in the news (nothing too serious here):


App 10.jpg


And when you touch "Read Story," you'll be taken to the actual news item on which the "Snip" was based:


App 11.jpg


I know you're dying to see the GAME, "Constangy Take Five":


App 12.jpgEach "disk" has an industry that we serve -- try to get at least three in a row, and win points!


Firm information, legal checklists, glossary, news, and even a little entertainment. HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT THIS APP? You can't! And don't forget that the Android version will be coming soon. 


Image credits: Robin Shea, screenshots from her iPhone 4.

Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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