Tributes to Justice Antonin Scalia, March 11 1936-February 13 2016

Here is a collection of tributes to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died just short of his 80th birthday on Saturday. For now, I'm not going to include political speculations. We send our prayers and condolences to Justice Scalia's family, friends, and loved ones.Antonin Scalia 2010.flickrCC.StephenMasker

By Adam Liptak from The New York Times, probably the most comprehensive news account of his life and work.

By Karen Barker from the NYT, a nice nostalgic piece about Justice Scalia's youth in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens.

By David Savage of the Los Angeles Times, the story of Justice Scalia's friendship with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And according to David Axelrod in an article on CNN, Justice Scalia also reportedly advocated President Obama's nomination of Justice Elena Kagan to the Court. (The President nominated now-Justice Sonia Sotomayor then, but Justice Kagan got her turn on the next go-round.)

Image Credit: From flickr, Creative Commons license, 2010 photo of Justice Scalia by Stephen Masker.

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