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And may it die quickly. The U.S. Department of Labor has taken formal regulatory action to rescind the Obama Administration's "Persuader Rule." The DOL has been enjoined from enforcing the rule since November 2016, but the latest action will presumably end it for Hot Dog Man.flickrCC.JeleneMorrisgood. Let's hope. David Phippen of our Washington DC Metro Office has the details in this Client Bulletin.

Mayor de Blasio signs NYC's "Fair Work Week" legislation. The package of laws imposes fairly stringent scheduling and other requirements on retail and fast food employers in New York City. Jim Coleman, co-chair of our Wage and Hour Practice Group, takes a comprehensive look at the new laws, which will take effect on November 26.

"Extreme vetting" by any means necessary. The Trump Administration has issued a new, lengthy visa questionnaire that is expected to be used with approximately 65,000 individuals seeking to enter the country. According to the Administration, the questionnaire will be used with  “immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny in connection with terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.” Jeanette Phelan of our Immigration Practice Group says that the questionnaire "may be more effective than the travel ban at deterring immigration to the United States."

Image Credit: From flickr, Creative Commons license, by Jelene Morris.

Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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