More Supreme Court scuttlebutt

The announcement will be made at 9 p.m. Monday. Eastern Time, I presume. 

According to the Daily Mail, as of Thursday night President Trump may have narrowed the field even more, to Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge

"You say the lady's been eliminated?"

Supposedly, the President didn't "click" with Judge Amy Coney Barrett. (No details as to why not.)

Although the President reportedly prefers an Ivy Leaguer (that would have to be Judge Kavanaugh, whose undergraduate and law degrees are from Yale), he also reportedly hit it off great with Judge Kethledge, whose undergraduate and law degrees are from the University of Michigan. 

I grew up in Michigan, so of course I have to root for Judge Kethledge. But I would be fine with Judge Kavanaugh, too, as well as with Judge Barrett.

Judge Kethledge just may get it. A post on Law & Crime reports that, 20 years ago, then-attorney Brett Kavanaugh once mouthed "bi**h" when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton appeared on TV. So that's it for him. (I'm kidding.)

Further idle gossip and baseless speculation may be added to this post over the weekend. 

Image Credit: From flickr, Creative Commons license, by Hamed Parham.

Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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