Workplace holiday party central!

All the holiday party information that's fit to print, as we enter this most dangerous season for employers.

After having blogged about workplace holiday parties for the past bunch of years, I realized that I did not have anything new to say in 2019. But here is a one-stop guide to everything we've ever published about holiday parties. If you find a wrinkle we've missed, please feel free to let me know, and I'll cover it. (And I'll be grateful to you for giving me something new to blog about!)

Workplace Christmas quiz! (December 2018). How would Ralphie, Santa Claus, and Ebenezer Scrooge fare under today's employment laws? Take (or re-take) our quiz, and find out!

Second-guessing the advice columns: Holiday party harasser (December 2018). This employee messed up big time at his workplace holiday party, but he was drunk and now he's sorry. As an employer, how would you handle?

Does #MeToo mean the end of the workplace holiday party? (December 2018). Join host Leigh Tyson and her guest, Mary Dohner Smith of our Nashville Office, in this festive episode of ConstangyTV, as they discuss the risks associated with workplace holiday parties, and how employers can limit their liability. 

Six easy ways to keep your workplace holiday party -- without a lawsuit. (November 2018). A few easy things employers can do to stay out of trouble.

A visit from St. Nick, Esq. (December 2017). Here's where I get literary (ripping off Clement Clarke Moore).

Is this real? If so, I must see it.

Sex, religion, and the holidays -- what fun!
(December 2016). Alyssa Peters and Patricia-Anne Brownback from our Macon Office discuss real court decisions in discrimination and harassment cases arising from holiday party (mis)conduct.

Workplace holiday parties (November 2016). Our "host with the most" Leigh Tyson interviews Gary Wheeler of our Jacksonville Office in our first-ever edition of ConstangyTV related to holiday parties. Still a big hit after all these years.

It's the 2015 workplace holiday party quiz! (December 2015). For those of you who like quizzes, this one is so old, you may not even remember the answers when you re-take it!

Planning your workplace holiday party? Read this first! (November 2014). 'Nuff said.

A boring company holiday party? SCANDALOUS! (November 2013). Read my recommendations, do the opposite, and you'll be just fine.

May you all have a happy -- and litigation-free -- holiday party season!

Image Credits: From flickr, Creative Commons license. Hanukkah man by David Goehring; Santa Conquers the Martians by Toho Scope.

Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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