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As Pride Month draws to a close, employers should focus on how to create a more inclusive workplace throughout the year.

What should employers consider in light of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Yesterday, my son and his friends were talking through a song they were recording, as I heard him say, “today is Juneteenth, we should put a line in our song about it.” I thought, wow…that’s really awesome. However, another friend responded, “wait, I know we have today off, but what really is Juneteenth anyway?” Of course, that was my cue to chime in with a short history lesson.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion has been the bedrock of our firm since we opened over 75 years ago. As we like to say, it is in our DNA. We believe that to foster diverse leadership and urge diversity of thought, we must do what we can to advance the conversation about diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging in the workplace and the communities in which our workplaces thrive. Through our blog, we share our insights from the perspective of both an employer and employee, regarding emerging issues that affect diverse leaders and workforces. We hope you enjoy our tidbits of legal and practical information, wisdom, and humor. Thanks for joining the conversation!


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