Happy 25th anniversary, Winston-Salem Office!

Our Winston-Salem, North Carolina, office will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this evening (we actually opened on February 8, 1991, but we're celebrating tonight). Neil Wasser, chair of our Executive Committee, is coming in from Atlanta to join us for dinner. I can't let the day pass without wishing a very happy silver anniversary to my Winston-Salem colleagues:


Our fearless leader, Randy Loftis, who started our office with second-year flunky associate and future blogger, yours truly. (Truth: Randy started it, and I tagged along.)


John Doyle, Dennis Weaver lookalike (I am not kidding - watch Duel sometime). John came to our office from a firm in Charlotte just a few months later in August 1991.

And then, all the great attorneys who came later (I'll probably get the order mixed up, so I'll go alphabetically instead):


Penni Bradshaw, head of our firm's Immigration Practice Group.


Ken Carlson, head of our Trade Secrets and Noncompetition Law Practice Group, litigator, mediator, and trial practice instructor extraordinaire.


Terry Clark, who can do anything but is especially good at labor negotiatons and as a labor law guru, and is also a joy to work with.


Bill McMahon, my favorite next-door neighbor -- always a hoot, and great for batting around ideas so crazy they just might work!


Chuck Roberts, the man you must have if you have a labor case that is going to trial or going up on appeal. At least, if you want to win. (DISCLAIMER: Not a prediction or guarantee of success or specific results.)


Kristine Sims, the scourge of pro se plaintiffs (inside joke) and opposing counsel everywhere. Also our office's go-to attorney on affirmative action issues. And her daughter's a world class high school soccer player. (No exaggeration. She really is.)


Jill Stricklin, patron of the arts, our best community booster, and kickin' litigator.

And, even though I don't have photos or links, they are no less appreciated: My assistant for too many years to count (for which I am very grateful), Tina Tucker; our fantastic (and long-suffering) office manager, Amy Stemper; our wonderful Affirmative Action Specialists, Anne Bell and Louise Davies; our equally wonderful litigation paralegal, June Such; and our equally wonderful Immigration paralegal, April Peck; and our ultra-fantabulous assistants and staff Tomisha Gladman, Catherine HopperAyesha Jones, Carol Mann, and Linda Payne.

Also, our workers' compensation colleagues Barbara Ruark (not pictured) . . .

Mark Leach

and Mark Leach.

Last, but not least, we have our buddies in Asheville (honorary Winston-Salem office),


Office head Jon Yarbrough, who is actually a native of Winston-Salem, and

Michelle Rippon

Michelle Rippon, lawyer, lover of mystery novels, and world traveler.

Not to mention the great Asheville staffers, Linda Nolan and Jessica Redinger.

Happy anniversary, y'all! Let's celebrate!



Robin Shea has 30 years' experience in employment litigation, including Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (including the Amendments Act). 
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