The U.S. Department of Labor's increases in the salary thresholds for certain white-collar employees is expected to have a huge impact on U.S. employers, especially those in the retail, hospitality, construction, and health care industries.

Apart from salary levels, employers must still ensure that the exempt employee's job satisfies the "duties test" for exemption as an executive, administrative, professional, outside salesperson, or computer employee. The changes that will take effect December 1 left untouched the current "job duties" requirements for white-collar employees, but now is the perfect time for employers to assess whether all of their classifications are correct.

Jim Coleman and Ellen Kearns, the leaders of Constangy's Wage and Hour Practice Group, will review and analyze the current job duties requirements for each of the white-collar exemptions. The adjustments required by the Final Rule allow employers to get their "houses in order" on all of their exempt classifications. Although the changes to the salary thresholds do not apply to all white-collar exemptions, the applicable duties tests do. And even if an employer meets the new salary threshold with an employee for whom it seeks to apply the executive, administrative or professional exemption (with the exception of teachers, doctors and lawyers), the exempt classification will not be met unless the job also satisfies the duties test.  

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This program is pending approval for 1.5 HRCI and SHRM credits. 

Tuesday, September 20
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET


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