Constangy partner Kristine Sims' article, “Equitable Compensation: Understanding Legal Obligations,” was featured in the April 2024 issue of HR Legal & Compliance Excellence on 

In the article, Sims marked the U.S. National Equal Pay Day on March 12, 2024 by discussing how employers can work toward workplace pay equity. She began by outlining what exactly pay equity is and how it affects various demographics.  

“While there are many conversations around the gender pay gap theory, it is still important for employers to ensure that their employees are paid equitably and without regard to race, sex, or any other legally protected characteristic,” emphasized Sims. 

Sims went on to highlight the importance of pay transparency and why both pay equity and pay transparency matter. She identified steps that businesses can take in order to implement pay equity and transparency efforts and practices such as acknowledging its importance, conducting a pay equity analysis and training management on pay equity and transparency practice and value. 

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