What Employers Should Know Well Before Amendments Take Effect July 1

 | Wednesday 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET

The Massachusetts Equal Pay Act (MEPA) actually provides for a defense to a legal claim by an employee, providing the employer has conducted a good faith, reasonable self-evaluation of its pay practices within the previous three years—and as long as the employer then shows reasonable progress towards eliminating any pay disparities.

So, how do you help ensure your company’s exposure is minimized? This webinar will address:

  • Which employers are covered by MEPA, whether they’re Massachusetts-based or not
  • MEPA’s Basic Guide for Conducting a Self-Evaluation
  • An expert’s view on interpreting the results of your self-evaluation
  • How to assess whether differences in employee pay are justified under the law—and what to do if they’re not
  • What does MEPA mean by “comparable work,” “substantially similar” positions, and “similar working conditions”?
  • And, an overview of other MEPA amendments ranging from a prohibition to seeking salary histories to expected MEPA enforcement

Presenters: Ellen Kearns and Dr. Janet Thornton 

Continuing Education: 1.0 HRCI Credit and 1.0 SHRM Credit*

*Pending Approval

Cost: Complimentary 


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