Constangy’s governing body is comprised of 10 voting members of the Executive Committee (EC) led by Chair Neil Wasser. The members are partners from across the firm. Additionally, two Ad Hoc members serve the Executive Committee on a rotating basis. Our firm prides itself in lawyers having a voice, and office heads are also closely aligned with the Executive Committee, contributing to all strategic decisions.

Neil Wasser
Chair of the Executive Committee
Atlanta, GA
Photo of Nestor Barrero
Nestor Barrero
Partner, Ad Hoc, EC
Los Angeles, CA
Photo of Lara de Leon
Lara de Leon
Austin, TX
Photo of Mary Dohner
Mary Dohner Smith
Nashville, TN
Photo of Jim  Goh
Jim Goh
Denver, CO
Photo of  Maureen Knight
Maureen Knight
Washington DC Metro
David Kurtz
Boston, MA
Angelique Lyons
 Port St. Lucie, FL
Thomas Scroggins
Partner, Ad Hoc, EC
Birmingham, AL
Photo of Kimberly Seten
Kimberly Seten
Kansas City, MO
Photo of Kristine Marie Sims
Kristine Sims
Winston-Salem, NC
Photo of Ken Sulzer
Kenneth Sulzer
Los Angeles, CA
Photo of Kim Talley
Kimberly Talley
Los Angeles, CA
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Here we grow again! Constangy is pleased to welcome 32 experienced attorneys in a significant expansion of the firm’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice. The attorneys who will be joining the Constangy Cyber Team are located across 17 cities in 12 states, and are driving the opening of new offices for Constangy in Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C. To learn more about the Constangy Cyber Team, click here.