Since 1994, Constangy has routinely queried clients on their perceptions of our firm’s service, quality, responsiveness, results, and value. Take a look at what our clients have to say. We think you’ll gain insights into our approach to legal services—and discover key differences that you won’t find with other firms.

Exceeds Expectations

“I can honestly say that in my 30 years of practicing law, I have never encountered a law firm or partner (colleague or adversary) who comes close to matching the competence, professionalism and passion/commitment that I have experienced with your firm. It’s just part of your normal, standard approach to practicing law.”

“I am very happy with Constangy's services. We consider Constangy one of our best outside law firms, and the standard against which others are measured.”

“In my 25 years in HR this is by far the best law firm I've ever had the privilege to work with. The responsiveness and support are unsurpassed.”

“Constangy is a very creative and proactive law firm. They have gone beyond my expectations in addressing and responding to the issues we face.”

“Around the clock available, overly communicative and super knowledgeable - exceeding every expectation.”

“The attorneys at Constangy are some of the most responsive and practical legal professionals with whom I have worked in my nearly 25 years practicing in-house.”

My Constangy Attorney

“Because of my Constangy attorney's outstanding guidance, attention and assistance, Constangy is considered our most valued partner by a huge margin.”

“My Constangy lawyer doesn’t turn off. He never assumes he knows more than us. He makes us feel like we’re his only client.”

“My Constangy attorney is absolutely the best attorney I've ever dealt with....and I've dealt with quite a few attorneys from other firms.  She is knowledgeable, concise, personable and responsive, and understands businesses and their needs. My Constangy attorney anticipates alternative outcomes in ways I can't comprehend.  I left a previous outside counsel to partner with Constangy and have never regretted it.”

“My Constangy attorney’s deep knowledge of labor law, practical, street-smart approach, dedication and responsiveness, and sensitivity to critical client issues – like good communication and expense-management – are recognized and truly appreciated within our company.”

“I absolutely without a doubt would refer the firm's services. Not sure you are supposed to enjoy speaking to your labor attorney, but I always do. I am confident in the conversations I have with my Constangy lawyer and feel extremely comfortable with his guidance. He is definitely respected within our organization.”

“My Constangy attorney is the best. Smart, strategic, mitigates risk, communicates well, lovely to work with. I have recommended her, and your firm, to my clients.”

Understands My Business, Practical, Trusted Partner

“If you want honesty, integrity, and someone who looks out for the employer’s interest, this is your law firm.”

“Constangy is a firm that truly understands the needs of our business and the impact of the various areas of labor law on our operation. Constangy's lawyers are aggressive, but pragmatic. They are very responsive and look for the most effective ways to help us achieve our business goals and comply with the law at the same time.”

“They're experts in their fields and quick to respond, and they understand the need to balance the law with practical business challenges.”

“More than lawyers, Constangy has a team that not only knows the law but can work through the application of it and integrate guidance in the real world.”

“Focused on excellent legal advice and pragmatic business solutions - a winning combination.”

“Great subject matter legal experts and business advisors.  One of the few firms we permit to work directly with our business clients, rather than working only through in-house counsel.”

“Your team has provided excellent and well thought out legal advice all while supporting the culture of the employer.”

“We appreciate the knowledge, expert advice and professionalism that Constangy, Brooks, Smith and Prophete brings to us. We likewise appreciate the common sense approach used to address everyday issues.”

“Constangy has provided our company with counsel and guidance on both generic and very specialized employment matters and I can always count on them ‘to have my back’.”


“A humility factor separates you from your competition.”

“Competent at what they do yet down to earth attorneys that are easy to work with.”

“A law firm employing content experts who are real people too.”

“Leading-edge partners who genuinely care about finding solutions for their clients.”

“A responsive, winning team of dedicated professionals who listen.”

“Professional, well-informed with a small-firm approach to clients even though they are large firm.”

“The most knowledgeable, professional, and all-around great guys I've ever had the pleasure to work with!”

Reliable, Customer-Service Oriented, Resource for Businesses

“Customer service is still alive and well with Constangy.”

“Brilliant representation.  Excellent value.  Excellent responsiveness.”

“Time and again, we feel as though we are matched up with the right attorney for our needs and we continue to feel supported, knowing we are in the best hands.”

“Excellent service, reliable, understands the big picture.”

“Constangy is an excellent firm. The customer service and attention to detail are evident in everything they do for us. We have referred them to other business partners on several occasions and they too have been extremely satisfied with their services.”

“Constangy is the company that keeps us out of trouble.”

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