First and foremost, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete is a team of exceptional lawyers who know your business and who are committed to providing the highest levels of service. We’re a smaller firm by design, and careful in our hiring practices to focus on attracting the best and brightest talent at all levels.

One thing we know is that clients want attorneys who understand their business – and our clients have let us know that having a diverse team is important. As a trusted business partner, we understand and reflect those needs.

A Diverse Past…

As a firm, Constangy has been at the forefront in advancing roles for women and minorities in the legal profession.

A Diverse Present…

We embrace the goals of the American Bar Association’s “Resolution 113” to advance diversity in the legal profession, and proudly participate in efforts to measure and increase our success in recruiting and retaining diverse professionals.

Where we are now: 


A Diverse Future…

“Top Down” diversity is a cornerstone of our future. We aggressively recruit talented women and attorneys of color, and we ensure that the younger attorneys coming up through the firm receive mentorship and guidance.  This is all part of our commitment to attracting high-quality attorneys who truly understand our clients’ needs, and reflecting our own firm’s mission since day one.

Lawyers at Constangy are diverse in every sense of the word. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and professional experiences. We find that diversity makes a broader, richer environment that produces more creative thinking and solutions. But no matter what our backgrounds, we are united in helping our clients predict, prevent and prevail in the complexities of labor and employment law.

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