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In the early summer of 2017, many experts predicted that the demand for legal services from employment lawyers would stagnate in 2018. 

(Excuse me. It’s getting a bit warm in my ski chalet. “Um, Jeeves, would you please activate the diamond-encrusted ceiling fan? Thank you.”) 

Yes, the pundits were wrong. 

#MeToo dominated the headlines. But 2018 was jam-packed with all sorts of HR compliance issues. While it was difficult to track it all, five of the top employment law bloggers did all they could to not only keep readers updated but also to offer some best practices for employers. Now, as 2018 comes to a close, these five employment-law bloggers and a fantastic employment-law moderator have decided to come together (as they did last year) to cram as much as they can into a one-hour employment-law year in review. 

Attendees of “‘The Best-Ever Year-End Employment Law Review that Five Employment Law Bloggers Have Ever Presented’ featuring the Stupendous Six!” are not only eligible to receive HR credits but will also satisfy some learning objectives too, including the following:

  • Getting updated on the biggest HR-compliance developments of 2018
  • Receiving training tips for employees and managers
  • Obtaining additional best practices to protect their business


$25 /person

Continuing Education

  • 1.0 HRCI Credit*
  • 1.0 SHRM Credit*

*Pending approval


For additional information, please contact Kian Cheng at kcheng@constangy.com.


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