| Tuesday 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET
Employers are reopening and bringing employees back to work after the coronavirus-related shutdowns. That’s good, but there are a number of wage and hour pitfalls waiting for unaware employers:
Overtime exemption issues
  • Can an employer pay an exempt employee “hazardous duty” pay without affecting the salary basis test?
  • Can an employer reduce the pay or work hours of an exempt employee in response to a financial hardship?
  • Can an employer assign non-exempt tasks to an exempt employee without losing the exemption?
Compensable, or not?
  • Taking employees’ temperatures
  • Donning and doffing a mask or other protective equipment
  • Wiping down equipment and vehicles
  • Safety activities at home before the start of the work day
  • Attending COVID-19 safety training
  • Traveling to a COVID-19 testing site
  • Grievance Meetings regarding work conditions
Other issues
  • Volunteering during COVID-19 crisis
  • Recording work time
  • Deductions from wages
This webinar will be presented by Jim Coleman and Ellen Kearns, co-chairs of Constangy’s Wage and Hour Practice Group.
Cost: Complimentary
Continuing Education: HRCI / SHRM
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