Our experience is not just limited to the trial court level. Our attorneys have handled appeals of both wage and hour and other types of employment claims in both federal and state courts of appeals, including various stages of the appellate process.

In addition, the firm’s creative approaches in working with federal and state regulatory agencies to assure the government of prospective compliance with wage and hour requirements has helped many clients avoid potentially major liabilities.

We have also:

  • Defeated class certification effort in a statewide wage and hour case involving allegations of off-clock work by a chain retailer, and settled remaining claims of named plaintiffs on favorable terms.
  • Successfully used Rule 68 Offers of Judgment to pick off named plaintiffs and defeat collective action efforts
  • Convinced plaintiff's counsel to dismiss an FLSA collective action with prejudice after refuting liability with employer's payroll records.
  • Prevailed in obtaining a court order compelling arbitration of FLSA collective action, and then settled the claim of the named plaintiff and obtained dismissal of a collective action.
  • Disposed of  class action wage and hour claims in arbitration proceedings by satisfying the single named plaintiff's claim and moving for dismissal of cases.
  • Compelled single claimant arbitration where arbitration agreements were silent as to availability of class and collective procedures.
  • Crafted and obtained confidential court approval of claims-made reversionary class action settlement where only filing claimants shared in settlement and all funds designated for non-claimant class members reverted to defendant.
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