Successfully defended against claim involving a claimant who reported an alleged injury "timely" and was found to have a large bulging disc on MRI to support his claim for disability. The outcome was a ruling that the claimant was impeached and discredited and therefore was unable to meet his burden to prove his case. The claimant appealed. The Appellate Division adopted the favorable defense decision of the Judge and further, at our request, assessed attorney fees against the claimant for an unreasonable appeal.

Successfully defended against claims involving multiple employer/insurers by persuading the Judge that a prior employer, if anyone, was responsible for continued treatment and disability rather than our employer client which was dismissed from the claim even though they were the most recent employer and even though time away from work did not arguably begin until after the claimant was employed with our client employer/insurer. (Also successfully defended against claims by showing convincingly that subsequent employers were responsible rather than our client employers).

Our attorneys have successfully defended all types of workers' compensation cases including catastrophic designation cases, credibility cases, complex medical causation cases, etc. as well as obtained substantial reimbursement from second injury trust funds on behalf of our clients, established and expanded light duty return to work programs and protocol, established Drug Free Workplace policies with workers' compensation premium discounts (for insured's and state assessment discounts for self-insured's), and counseled employers on best practices to avoid and defend against claims, and minimize exposure to claims which arise.

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