The New York City Council has just passed legislation requiring employers to include salary ranges in job postings. Currently, City employers are permitted to withhold salary information until the end of the hiring process. But now they will be required to include in all job postings the minimum and maximum salaries for the position.

The new legislation will amend the City Human Rights Law and apply to advertisements for private and public sector jobs, as well as promotion and transfer opportunities. Specifically, the legislation will make it an unlawful discriminatory practice to advertise a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity without stating the salary range for the position. Further, the range would need to “extend from the lowest to the highest salary the employer in good faith believes at the time of the posting it would pay for the advertised job, promotion or transfer opportunity.”

This legislation will not have an impact on temporary employment agencies because they are already required to provide salary information after interviewing prospective employees.

If not vetoed by Mayor Eric Adams (D) by January 14, the legislation will take effect in April. The City Commission on Human Rights is expected to issue regulations on the legislation.

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