As a member of the Constangy Cyber Team, Todd leads the investigation and evaluation of potential breaches of data security, such as those caused by ransomware, social engineering, or the compromise of business email accounts. He provides clients with the forensic and/or remediation services necessary to contain, analyze, investigate, and remediate the incident after the initial response has concluded. After the threat has been mitigated, Todd helps clients with external communications and notifications by evaluating the client's obligations to consumers and regulators under applicable state, federal, and international laws and industry standards.  Todd also takes the time to explain to his clients the steps and precautions needed to be taken in this unique area of the law. 

From pre-breach consultation to breach response and cyber insurance, Todd has extensive experience in cyber/privacy matters. Todd was one of the earliest litigators to address privacy concerns in state and federal courts created by Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA.  Todd has also been called on to draft one of the earliest versions of cyber insurance policy form.  Todd has helped clients in nearly every industry and at every level of government develop policies regarding privacy and data issues over the years.

Todd leverages the knowledge gained from his twenty years working as a litigator and his prior work on privacy concerns within the insurance sector. Throughout his career, Todd has been tapped by insurance companies to analyze privacy claims made by policyholders under cyber and traditional lines of insurance and to keep tabs on how their private counsel handles breaches after they have been reported. Todd's expertise allows him to advise clients on liability, insurance, and business issues arising from privacy risks, giving them the "full picture" when responding to privacy incidents. 

Todd frequently publishes articles and provides presentations on the emerging privacy issues in the legal, insurance, government, and business communities.

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  • Illinois State Bar Association, Member
  • Michigan State Bar Association, Member
  • Member Wisconsin State Bar Association, Member

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