Can business be a force for good? What happens when you have a noble purpose, put people at the center, embrace all stakeholders, treat profit as an outcome, and push your suppliers, vendors and partners to embrace key values along the way? Join Susan Bassford Wilson and guests Piyumi Samaratunga and Hubert Joly for this enlightening discussion. Piyumi is co-chair of  Constangy's Immigration Practice, Partner and head of Constangy’s Minneapolis office. Hubert is former Chairman and CEO of Best Buy credited with the company’s overwhelmingly successful transformation and sustained success, Additionally, he is the author of The Heart of Business – Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism, which was published on May 4th by Harvard Business Review Press and can be ordered via Hubert is currently a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, where he teaches on issues of business transformation, corporate sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion. In this Podcast, Susan, Piyumi, and Hubert discuss the importance of embracing a new set of people-centric principles for this new post COVID19 era in business.

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