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In a June 21, 2018 article published by Business Management Daily, Robin Shea provided insight on steps employers can take to minimize workplace problems in the more relaxed summer months.

While many managers may adopt a more relaxed stance on both dress code and workweek flexibility, employers should have a policy in place to ensure employees remain professional and appropriate in order to avoid potential issues should a disagreement arise. “If an employer wants to have a more relaxed summer dress code, it should decide in advance what level of informality is acceptable and issue written guidelines so that employees are treated consistently,” said Shea. “To the extent possible, the guidelines should be gender-neutral and avoid referring to what ‘men’ should wear and what ‘women’ should wear. One very simple example would be to say that sandals without socks or hose are allowed from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but no flip-flops. Or that jeans are allowed, but no cutoffs or ripped jeans.”

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