HR Dive

In a recent article by HR Dive, Winston-Salem partner Robin Shea lent insight on steps for employers to mitigate risk in harassment claims before the EEOC.

The article itself focuses on a recent lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging a manager made unwanted sexual advances toward the plaintiff at a work event in Arizona and retaliated when the plaintiff complained about the sexual harassment she faced. In discussing the case, the reporter revisits a previous HR Dive feature in which Shea provides basic guidance on Title VII employment law, including guidance to prevent retaliation by providing training.

In addition to training, employers may consider creating a safe space for managers who are named in complaints alleging harassment. Whether the complaint is true or not, this allows managers to vent frustration to an uninvolved party so they can return to work with a professional disposition.

For the full article on the lawsuit, please click here.


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