Constangy partner Keya Denner will present at the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and American Gas Association (AGA) Labor and Employee Relations Committee Conference on Sept. 21 at The Statler: Dallas.

Denner’s presentation, “Marijuana in the Workplace: How to Navigate Legalization and Policy,” will provide attendees with an overview of the various state and federal laws regarding cannabis use and how employers can navigate this everchanging area of law.

Denner is an experienced litigator who has been practicing labor and employment law for almost 20 years. Few attorneys nationwide match his expertise in the area of legal cannabis and its impact on the workplace. At his previous firms, Denner founded and chaired cannabis law practice groups, and has a deep understanding of the various laws and issues surrounding the country’s rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry. He has counseled Fortune 500 companies in the retail, hospitality, and global logistics spaces to create compliant policies and better understand the ever-changing legal landscape brought about by the legalization of cannabis across the United States. Denner is a sought-after speaker and trainer on this topic.


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