Constangy partner Steven Katz was recently quoted in a Law360 article on four discrimination cases the Supreme Court of the United States could consider in the new term.

One case the article mentions is Christopher Orr v. Christian Brothers High School. In the article, Katz noted the case has “little to no chance of being accepted.”

"The Supreme Court usually takes cases where there's a conflict, [but] that conflict among the justices in the Supreme Court is not really going to generate a good reason to take up the case, particularly when you have a clear decision that's only two years old and not [when]what the Ninth Circuit did was just right in line with that decision," Katz said in the article. "Frankly, I'm not even sure if this cert petition would get Justice Sotomayor's vote. Even though she might agree in substance with the position, I think she might say, 'Look, you know, I know what I believe, but the court has spoken and precedent still means something.'"

On Oct. 3, the Supreme Court order list did not include Christopher Orr v. Christian Brothers High School. The petition did not garner any votes.

Katz has been a state bar-certified appellate specialist for two decades, handling nearly 100 appeal and writ proceedings for parties and amici before all levels of appellate courts across the country, including the U.S. and California Supreme Courts and half the federal circuits. He has also defended employers at the trial level in more than 100 class, representative, and collective actions, as well as numerous other employment and commercial cases. He concentrates his practice in wage and hour litigation, and has defended employers in retail sales, pharmaceuticals, information technology, food service, manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, education, defense, insurance and professional sports.

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