Constangy partner Teresa Bult was quoted in a Nov. 1 article looking at what has and hasn’t changed in law firms since the #MeToo movement began in 2017.

In the article, Bult discusses a “stigma for attorneys to bring claims against individuals in law firms, especially those in high-level positions.”

“It’s very, very difficult with that power dynamic for that individual to feel comfortable coming to the firm management to say something about them because they know how much this person [brings to the firm], their book of business or their position in the firm and that sort of thing,” Bult said in the article. “You have that at corporations, too, but I think at law firms there can be very differing positions that exist and you want to make sure that you’re breaking down the barriers for all of those people to understand.”

Bult acts as a mediator, a relationship partner for her corporate and law firm clients in the employment defense space, and Administrative Partner/General Counsel for the Firm. For any of these roles, she works hard to be a proactive solution-seeker and a very practical "problem solver."​ She is constantly trying to figure out how to connect her clients to resources that can make their job easier, help them navigate through tricky employment litigation and HR issues, as well as connecting them to the excellent attorneys at Constangy throughout the U.S. In her 25+ years of practice as a defense-side employment litigation attorney (all years at Constangy), she has litigated cases and counseled clients on almost every conceivable employment-related issue.

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