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As Delaware becomes the newest state to enact updated data privacy laws, Sarah Rugnetta was quoted by Bloomberg Law in an article discussing what’s included in the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act.

Rugnetta noted that Delaware is joining other states in adding non-profit entities onto the list of organizations who need to ensure compliance with data privacy laws. “We do work with quite a few nonprofits who had previously not been as concerned and focused on compliance with these data privacy laws, but it seems like that is not going to be continuing, at least if they’re doing business in Colorado, Oregon, and Delaware,” she said.

The Act also includes regulations for the selling of personal data, or its utilization for targeted ads, if the data belongs to a consumer between 13 and 18 years old. “It’s something that will probably cause businesses to sort of step back and take a closer look at whether that particular company should expect that there might be children visiting their site,” said Rugnetta.

For companies looking to develop a data privacy program, Rugnetta mentions that it’s important to know which laws apply to them before determining if a state-by-state or more comprehensive approach to compliance is the best option. “I’ve found that most companies are taking that approach where they are developing a program that might be based largely on California but takes into account each of those nuances and additional criteria,” she shares.

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