As businesses across sectors grapple with the best path forward related to remote, hybrid or in-office work, Constangy’s administrative partner and general counsel, Teresa Bult, authored an article published by on November 15, 2023 discussing the benefits and competitive advantages that flexibility offers law firms.

“Flexibility, where I was treated as a high-level professional, meant the world to me – and made me never want to leave my firm or firm life generally,” Bult said of her early career practicing at Constangy and the ability to complete work where she needed and on deadline.

“Then came COVID. The pandemic created an unparalleled opportunity for flexibility, which some law firms embraced and others abhorred,” she added. “The flexible law firms asked, ‘is this attorney getting the work done?’ If the answer was yes, there was no requirement for attorneys to physically be in the office or fit into the mold of working 9-5. Conversely, many law firms stuck with the traditional model and required return-to-office. In the process, they very well may have missed the opportunity to meet the evolving needs of both lawyers and clients.”

In fact, embracing flexibility can provide a range of competitive advantages, which Bult expanded upon. Those include more open parameters to recruit the best talent available and foster diversity, retain top performers, strengthen client relationships, expand the client base and increase efficiency while also reducing costs.

For the full article and the value of flexibility in law firm management, please click here.


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