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Recently, the National Labor Relations Board adopted a new rule facilitating union-organizing campaigns, particularly aimed at large franchises such as McDonald's. This rule is the latest in a wave of changes that advance the unionization of the American workforce and change how non-union employers do business with each other. The current effective date of the new rule is February 26, 2024.

Constangy attorney, David Phippen, spoke to Material Handling & Logistics about this new rule and what it may signal for future NLRB rulings.

"...employers should know that the current NLRB majority views joint employment expansively,” David says. “Even without new regulations, the board is likely to interpret the National Labor Relations Act to find joint employment whenever it can, so as to have as many employers as possible responsible for unfair labor practices and obligated to bargain with organized labor.”

David Phippen serves as senior counsel out of the firm's Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia offices. David represents businesses in a range of labor, employment, and transportation-related matters. He focuses his practice on traditional labor matters, wage and hour matters, and representing employers in administrative proceedings and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

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