Constangy partner Missy Spainhour recently presented at the 2024 Federal Defender Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The event, hosted by the Defender Services Organization, brings together attorneys from Federal Public Defenders’ Offices around the country to discuss topics related to the profession.

Missy joined a panel to discuss employment law issues for Federal Public Defenders, including Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) Plans applicable to federal defenders and other federal judiciary employees. She also co-hosted a breakout Q&A session where she answered a broad range of employment law questions from attendees.

Missy is an experienced labor & employment attorney who works out of Constangy's Asheville office. Missy handles a wide range of employment matters, including litigation, administrative proceedings, and day-to-day employment counsel. She also serves as a mediator, conducts workplace investigations, and provides training on labor & employment law topics. 

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