Constangy partners Ashley Orler and Sarah Rugnetta presented an insightful webinar exploring the intricate landscape of employee privacy rights amidst new data privacy laws and the digital evolution of the workplace on April 10. SHRM and HRCI credits were offered for this program.

In this webinar, they delved into the fundamental principles governing employee privacy rights, examined the legal frameworks that govern personal data in the workplace and provided practical approaches to safeguarding employee data. This webinar provided valuable insights into the evolving regulatory landscape, addressing key topics such as the use of artificial intelligence, privacy disclosures, consent, monitoring, data breaches, and employee surveillance.

To access a copy of the slides, click the download link below.

Ashley partners with businesses to bring the best out of their workforce, applying a pragmatic approach to employment counseling in hopes of reducing risk to the organization. On a daily basis, Ashley fields questions from clients across industries on issues like drafting employment contracts, policies and handbooks; onboarding and terminations; background checks and drug testing; employee classifications and leave requirements; and wage and hour issues. She has experience in internal investigations involving current and former employees related to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, leave practices, and compensation. Through her counseling and litigation experience, Ashley assists businesses in protecting their trade secrets by drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants, including non-disclosure, non-compete and non-solicit agreements. She also helps clients navigate the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (“BIPA”) by advising on compliance with BIPA and defending against BIPA-related lawsuits.

Sarah serves as a vice chair of the Constangy Cyber Team. She leads the provision of compliance advisory services for the Cyber Team, advising clients on strategies to mitigate risk associated with data privacy and security through business-oriented approaches. Sarah has more than 15 years of experience working in the privacy law area. She is a former privacy officer, a former state regulator, and has extensive experience serving as outside counsel for businesses in the fields of health law, data privacy, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Sarah helps clients to develop and implement customized privacy programs, data privacy assessments, executive trainings, and tabletop exercises. Sarah also works with clients on strategies to mitigate risks posed by vendor relationships through improved vendor management programs, contracting protocols, and vendor oversight. Additionally, she helps clients to anticipate and effectively respond to potential threats, and assists businesses throughout all phases of information security incidents.

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