Constangy is delighted to announce that Christine Hogan has joined Constangy’s New York office as a partner.

“We are delighted to welcome Christine to our firm,” said Neil Wasser, chair of Constangy’s executive committee. “Christine's track record in achieving positive outcomes for her clients, and her expertise in assisting clients navigate complex employment regulatory requirements, align perfectly with Constangy. We look forward to the valuable contributions she will bring to our litigation team and our clients."

Hogan has the experience and depth of knowledge – from both the defense and plaintiff-side perspective – to advocate effectively on behalf of her clients. She values precision, pragmatism, and efficiency.

As a seasoned employment litigator, Hogan regularly handles single plaintiff discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage/hour, and breach of contract cases. Her particular expertise, however, is in litigating wage and hour collective and class actions.

Hogan is also a practiced counselor to her clients. She expertly advises on a variety of employment legal issues, including, but not limited to, wage and hour topics such as minimum wage, overtime, independent contractor classification, employment of minors, spread-of-hours, improper deductions, rest/meal breaks, NY fair workweek requirements, and overtime exemption classification; discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints; contracts such as employment, arbitration, severance, and protective covenant agreements; employee discipline/terminations, leaves of absence, reasonable accommodations; and handbooks and onboarding documents.

Finally, in addition to her advice and litigation work, Hogan conducts critical internal audits and investigations to promote wage and hour compliance and a discrimination and retaliation-free work environment. She regularly handles external wage and hour, unemployment, sick and safe leave, fair workweek, and workers’ compensation audits. Additionally, Hogan trains HR professionals on how to conduct workplace investigations. As a regular speaker, Hogan continues to share her insights, helping to shape best practices and inform on legislative changes affecting employers.


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