Spring 2015

Constangy's Jacksonville office is pleased to offer this "FMLA Intensive Series" to provide comprehensive FMLA education in a convenient format.  Whether you are an FMLA novice, or an experienced professional, this series will benefit anyone responsible for FMLA compliance or oversight who is seeking the most up-to-date legal guidance, practical tips, and a better understanding of the FMLA and its many nuances.  The topics covered at each session include:

  • April 30 - What you may not know about the FMLA.  This session will cover little known pitfalls and unexpected employer mistakes including FMLA protections for employees on light duty, calculating available hours for intermittent leave for exempt and non-exempt employees, overtime and on-call time with FMLA leave, and FMLA eligibility for temporary and leased employees.  

            Presented by: Heather Owen and Evan Gibbs 

  • May 14 - Who is a covered family member for FMLA leave?  While this may seem straight forward, FMLA leave may be available for more family members than you think.  This session will cover same sex marriages, adult children, military family members and more.  

            Presented by:  Lori Mans and Heather Owen 

  • May 28 -  FMLA communications - what your written communications should and should not say.  Every FMLA document is a potential exhibit in litigation to be read by a jury, usually with a sympathetic plaintiff.  This session will help you make sure your documentation not only complies with the law, but sways a potential jury in your favor.  

             Presented by: Meg Zabijaka and Gary Wheeler

  • June 18 -  Returning an employee from leave, or not - the end game.  Whether an employee is taking intermittent or block FMLA leave, employers need to know their obligations and options prior to an employee's exhaustion of their 12/26 week entitlement.  This session will discuss employers' obligations under both the FMLA and ADA when employees are going to exhaust their leave.  

            Presented by: Gary Wheeler and Lori Mans


Breakfast & Registration 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Presentation 8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. 


Thursday, April 30

Thursday, May 14

Thursday, May 28

Thursday, June 18


Conference room of BB&T
200 West Forsyth Street, Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Located on the concourse level of the BB&T Building.  The entrance into the conference room is at the Hogan Street entrance into the BB&T Building.  


Full series - $50/per attendee*

*Registrants are welcome to attend all sessions, or may have a co-worker from the same organization substitute for any session

Please note: Seating is limited for this program.

To Register: Please contact Bonnie Darnofall at bdarnofall@constangy.com or 904.357.2652

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