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Employers nationwide are in a haze as more states have legalized marijuana use, cannabinol (CBD) use is increasingly accepted, and the rate of addiction to legal drugs, including opioids, is on the rise. Blanket “no-marijuana” policies are under siege in many jurisdictions. The federal Controlled Substances Act provides some protections to employers under federal law, but not under the ever-increasing maze of state and local laws. To complicate matters even further, employees who are impaired by, or even addicted to, legal medications, including opioids, may be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
What’s an employer to do?
In this webinar, we’ll answer the following:
  • How can an employer “weed out” applicants and employees who are unsafe or not competent because of their use of impairing substances that are legal?
  • How should an employer amend its substance abuse policies and forms so that it is prepared to sail into 2020 with confidence?
  • How should transportation industry employers comply with their obligations under the new Clearinghouse rules?
Please join us! The cost is complimentary, but space is limited.
Cost: Complimentary
Continuing Education:
1.0 HRCI Credit*
1.0 SHRM Credit*
*Pending approval

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