Well, we waited it out thinking that there might be yet another delay, and sure enough, OSHA announced today that the December 1 due date has been extended until December 15.

Remember, the new Electronic Filing requirement applies to establishments of either 1) 250 or more employees, or 2) between 20 and 249 employees primarily in NAICS Codes 31-33 (manufacturing), and 23 (construction), and you are only required to submit the OSHA 300A annual summary.

The Recordkeeping Page on the OSHA Website has a link to the Injury Tracking Application that allows you to submit your OSHA 300A annual summary.

Launch Injury Tracking Application

If any of your establishments are in California, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Utah, Washington or Wyoming, you are not required to electronically file the OSHA 300A this year.

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